10 February 2005

I have always maintained that there are three great levellers in life.Nature, god and traffic jams.Nature and god are something that are always known.But what is it that makes educated, so called cultured people act like some stupid dumbos and morons in a traffic jam ? Education is not just cramming whatever is there in the text books and scoring high grades and getting a cushy cushy job, education is simply about giving you a outlook towards life.IMHO education is supposed to make you understand how to handle the pressures of everyday life.traffic jam is one such pressure.
Just have a look at how people irrespective of whoever it is are driving in a platform during a traffic jam. How much more worse can this get ? if there is such an urgency to get to your destination why dont you start early ? and yes ppl to whom i tell this immediately give me a rejoinder saying it is impossible to start two hours early.well i say you have only two choices.either you start early to be in time for your appointment or you get a different job in a different place.for god's sake its not that there are jobs in this only place in this whole country/planet.but dont degrade yourself by driving in a platform that is meant for people to walk on.you could try petitioninig your local authority to reduce the platform length atleast.i feel really sad at seeing such people.

after a real looong time 7 and odd yrs to be precise i had a real heavy breakfast today.during the years 1994-97 when i was a student in madras i used to be fed heavily by mom in the morning before i went to college.living alone for the past 8yrs changed all that with many a days passing by without any breakfast.well im feeling the after effects of it now.whenever i see good food and gorge it down there is almost an instantaneous reflex action to download it :-) anyway let my troubles be with me !

my jaw pain has got sufficiently better.a little introspection told me that the half marathon that i ran on saturday with a slight cold is the culprit.normally whenever i have even the slightest of cold i dont exert myself.this time i ran the half amrathon resulting in a total inflammation of my sinusits glands below my ears.im treating it with citrazine and the results seem pretty encouraging.im now able to feel my molars on the right side without pain ! more importantly im also able to yawn out fully without getting that stinging pain ! things are getting better.now to give myseldf sufficient rest before i start practising again for my marathon !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:59 AM


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