03 February 2005

This and That

Crica 1994-1997 : The FM radio broadcasting had at that time been privatised. There were 2 radio stations going guns in madras.One was Priya's show and another was { i don't remember who }.No they were pretty different from the Radio mirchi and Suriyan FM of today.These are more well packaged.Ok that is not the point. The point here is every sunday at 2.30pm there used to be programme by an astrologer. Jothida Thilagam Ln.Dr.K.Parthasarathy Avargal.Some of his astrlogy things were pretty scientific.In fact he even de-bunked quite a lot of blind faiths that most people were having.It is a different issue that the stations suffered losses due to heavy license fees and had to close down.That again is not the point.
The issue here is that the astrologer commited suicide. What ? You might ask.YES.He commited suicide by hanging himself. Now the circumstances leading to his suicide are pretty strange.Seems he read his own horoscope by chance on 1st Jan and found out that he will die on 21st January.On 17th January he had a mild heart attack and yet did not let that out.
Now comes the shocking part.He hanged himself on the very next day.Now how did this happen ? Was he afraid of dying ? He could not be coz he committed suicide.Then why the blazes did he commit suicide ? It all seems so strange to me.In fact im preplexed by that news item itself.
For a man who did astrology on the basis of science and logic what drove him to take such a decision ?

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:37 AM


  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at Thursday, February 3, 2005 at 1:14:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    Oh! I remember that Jodhida thialagam.. If I remember right this programme used to be broadcast sometime after the From Fm with love program from 12 - 1 everyday.. and then the tamil started and usually I turned it off after this guy came on.. Sad abt these astrologers.. I guess thats one profession thats worse than IT .. hehe..

    Man with no Name

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