20 January 2005

cooking @ house got a kick start yesterday.called up home and asked mom to courier up some sambhar powder.damn.got so much used to it that cooking with anything else tastes like { you know what ! :-) }.made a pretty decent sambahr of radishes and fried out some potatoes for theside dish.must say that the potatoes came out pretty ok but the sambhar left much to be desired ! im back to being the chef after about close to 2 yrs ! the last i think i started cooking way back in mid 2002 ! no cooking for all of aug 03 - aug 04 and now back to it.
im not a gr8 cook.in fact im not even a good cook.cooking is an art and it requires patience.im aware of that ! patience i have in abundance but artistry ? that is what lacks me ! but ya the one thing i have in abundance is taste buds ! those too have got dimmed thanks to that shit called mess food that i ate when i was in REC-Trichy.so if there is one thing i can do perfectly in the cooking department that is pointing out the mistakes !
PS: dont even dream of me inviting you over to my house for lunch/dinner what-so-ever. i dont like torturing people :-)

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:13 AM


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