05 January 2005

two posts in a single day is something i dont do but as the saying goes : "exceptional news items demand exceptional actions".so here it goes :

The Karnataka State Scrabble Association is hosting a Corporate Open Scrabble Tournament at the Karnataka Badminton Association on Saturday, 8th January 2005 where they are inviting over 100 corporate houses in Bangalore to play for the ‘Corporate Championship Trophy’. Full-time employees representing any recognized corporate house in India can participate either in their individual capacity or can be nominated to play on behalf of their company. Entry is free.

The KSSA has also announced that outstanding players in this tournament will get a chance to represent India in the International Open Tournament that they are conducting in Bangalore between 14th and 16th January, if they meet KSSA’s qualifying requirements.

The International Open Tournament is Bangalore’s first and India’s biggest International Scrabble tournament with over 80 participants including 35 International players from countries like UK, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Kuwait, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India contending for a total prize purse exceeding Rs.2,00,000/-.

One of the big draws of this International tourney will be the presence of Nigel Richards, who is among the world’s best in this game, competing.

To register, please send your entries by email to viv.jones@igate.com

so in case you are planning to participate dont hesitate to mail me in.i shall participate as long as i dont get anything else important to do.

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