12 January 2005

have you listened to the song paadum vaanambadi from the movie naan paadum paadal ? if not go over here and do so right away.This movie came out in 1984, 20 years ago and still sounds stunning.listen the bass guitar strumming away in the background and the violins in the foreground.Raja is truly awesome in this one ! The other aspect of this stunning song is that god SPB's voice.man what modulation.He simpy blows you away.
To be frank i dont know if rahman's songs will last for 20 years.but then it has lasted for 10 so might as well do so for another 10.
One of my friends recently told me that this is just a phase.10 years down the line some other music composer might come up and at that point of time we may find rahman's music stunning.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:12 AM


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