07 January 2005

a.r.rahman's birthday went by.radio city as usual hyped it up to the maximum extent. firstly let us agree { even he does ! } that he is not as good as raja { illayaraja }. this is what i think the difference awarness makes ! lots of ppl are aware of rahman but not raja.however listen to any of the 80's compositions of raja to understand the difference.{ one such stunning example is the song meendum meendum vaa from vikram.briliant instrument arrangement }
anyway rahman is a king in his own right.he did bring about a certain new sound to his music and in general to tamil movie music.he is trying his best to make sure his tunes reach a global audience which raja sadly lacked.
chandralekha from thiruda thiruda stnads out in its use of cymbals, the drums.it is indeed a mind blowing song.i can list quite a lot of them here.
he does seem to have reduced his tamil movie and in general movie compositions.i mean he is doing like 7 or eight movies year with a few in tamil and hindi.
compare with raja who was doing something like 40+ movies a year for around 15 succesive years !
comparisons apart i guess even raja is finding it difficult to get a fan following :-(
so let us agree that raja was a king in his times and rahman is a king of the current "fast food" times !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:57 AM


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