18 January 2005

there's a controversy brewing here in banaglore over the permission given to benny hinn for conducting a faith healing.there are accusations flying LRC { left, right, center ! } as to how the permission was given.what beats me is the fact that i have been seeing haording for this meet right from october onwards.why is it that the authorities did not investigate at that point of time ? why are we acting at the last minute ? this attitude of postponing things till the last minute must stop !
bombay marathon is now done with.the scene now shifts to the madras marathon which strangely does not find all that mentioning ! god knows why ! anyway in all probability i will be a part of the madras marathon.however finishing the 42 & odd km in around 2.5 hrs is difficult.my training is for 3.5hrs ! hope the organisers wait till i cross the finishing line.i an determined however to cross the finishing line and that is for sure !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:58 AM


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