25 January 2005

the tirupathi trip was a real eye opener for me in many ways more than one.what is so special about that temple that makes ppl forget hunger, their bodily functions etc and wait for something like 72+ hrs in a queue, from which you cant even come out if you feel like, and yet get a darshan of he diety for just say 10 or so seconds ? who hyped up that temple to this extent ? why is it that there is so much of a crowd there ? i dont know.probably i see it this way coz i dont believe in god.but still this rankles me.or is it just me who is asking these kind of questions ? i think this is a difficult question to answer ! anyway life moves on :-)

something which i kept thinking will happen has started to happen.the people from rural areas of karnataka have started cribbing about lack of water supply.but then again what else will happen when the senseless idiots of bangalore wash even their cars etc in the precious piped water supply ? why dont these guys install borewells or something ? mark my words this is heading to a definite crisis.of course you don't need a nostradamus to forsee this.plain common sense would do.

on a more unrelated note i find it pretty heartening that school students have started being aware of the sourroundings they are living in.In a landmark protest that is sure to have made our president Kalam proud, the school students of bihar have started a state wide protest against the kidnapping of one of the school students.they are now trying to bring the country's attention to the pathetic law & order situation that is existing there.way to go kids.im indeed extremely happy that this is happening.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:45 AM


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