01 February 2005

Mysore Trip

I went to mysore with my sister and that cool li'l nephew of mine over the christmas weekend.That reminded me of my earlier mysore trip done during april-04 { i guess } when i had a friend visiting me over from us of a.We teamed up with another friend of mine, all of us going way back to when we wore shorts and went to school days :-).Anyway the point is not that.The point is we landed in mysore only to find that the chartered trip had left and we had about 1.5hrs to wait for it.Being the irresponsible foodies that we are we headed out to the nearest hotel that screamed "Buffet Lunch Ready".Yess.Lunch at 11.30pm and that too a buffet.As joey says in that TV show friends in his un-imitable style "This is where i get my money's worth!".For Rs 50 we trashed the place.The waiter made a mistake of saying to us that the buffet includes unlimited chappati's side dishes and rice ! Man that was enough.We poslihed off all the roti's { I'm not joking here.All means around 40+ between the three of us } and gulped down a few more bowls of rice before we decided to spare the guy.Last heard the hotel has stopped giving buffets.
Can't help it man.Im a horrible foodie myself and add to it that american friend of mine.I still remember when i was stuck in his house in america during Feb-03 when they had the worst snow storm.We walked over to a restruant called IHOP that serves pancackes and that gluttony guy had 2 plates of pancackes !
Ok so coming back to my recent mysore visit we landed in chamundi hills during sunset.So check out some of the phots i took with my nikon coolpix 3700.
In general before i buy something i read some reviews about the product etc etc.{Ok i accept im not a compulsive buyer!}.But i made a mistake in buying this one :-(.The damn camera does **not** have monochrome picture capability.So if you are someone whom you know is planning to get this one better be warned.
Ok without much ado here are the pics :

These are a few pics of the sunset from the hills.In case you want to use them as wallpapers let me know and i shall mail you the full image { high hopes huh ? ;-) }

I tried this shot of setting sun and trying to silleouthe { ok forget that spelling! }.Somehow i like this shot !


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