07 February 2005

finally funda

one of the most repeated comments i get is that my blog is named funda and i have not yet posted any funda till now.
so here is my most fav funda which i follow all the time:
"Never Run Behind Money"
I always believe that the moment i start thinking how do i manage this money issue, that is the moment i loose my sleep. Hence i just stay relaxed and think and budget it.No point in getting yourself worked up over it.
exactly two weeks to go for the madras marathon.i am now thinking i could do with some more practise.
and im having a real bad start to the week.my jaw is aching terribly.its at the point where your jaw bone meets the ear.now what worries me is that whether the bad cold im having is the cause of this, or did i sprain my jaw muscles while gritting my teeth during the gym, or is it that my teeth has been damaged ?
so first step is to attack the cold and clear it out.and then a diagnosis can be done.
I ran the half marathon on saturday with a slight cold.normally even if i have the slightest of colds i dont do any kind of physical exertions.did that half marathon disturb my sinusits so as to give me this pain ?
this whole pain came up pretty suddenly.from saturday afternoon if i am not mistaken.
Im at a total loss.and im thinking of going over to madras this weekend if things dont get sorted out by wednesday.i have to show this to my doctor.and i hope that it is not a teeth issue.not that i have perfectly lined pearly white teeth like the models who come and fluant it for the toothpaste ads, i still dont like the prospect of loosing my teeth !

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