04 February 2005

Yet another weekend is here ! just when i dont want the days to blaze away at this speed is when i find the days running past by ! loads of things to do.im targetting at completing my thesis by jan-06.Hope that is done.
This weekend im running the half marathon again.Intrested junta living in bangalore can join me on the outer ring road-sarjapur road junction.The run will be from silk board to marathahalli a distance of ~12km one way.So i guess it's close to 24km both ways.im planning to do this in < 2 hrs time.
on a more intresting note it seems toyota has stopped production of its super hit suv the qualis.Though the support for qualis will extend for another 10 yrs toyota is planning to introduce another suv it seems !
Kribs is putting up a vodka cocktail party in madras on feb 13th.grr dunno why he has to do that when im stuck here in this god forsaken bangalore.anyway if you are in madras and intrested in meeting up with a lot of bloggers head over to his blog for more details.

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