06 February 2005

Mane Matters

I got my hair cut today.so what's special about that ? i had a haircut in bangalore after about 5 months.does that mean that i did not cut my hair for the past five months ? no.just that for the past five months i will be in madras during my hair cut time.you see i dont like growing my hair.hence i visit the local barber every fourth sunday with unerring regularity.so it was just a coincidence that i was in madras all these months.

i always feel that whenever we visit a barber we want the shop to be neat and clean and yet we wear smelly clothes { read in desparate need of a wash }.when you want the shop to be clean is it not your responsibility to be clean too ? henceforth please make it a point to wear clean clothes to the shop.

it's not that i have any grouse against long hair or something just that i keep wondering about the effort to maintain it.i do however feel that a boyish cut on a female gives her that zing look.if you are not able to understand what i mean see catherine zeta jones and her cut in ocean's twelve.she does look zing ! i do however have a serious grouse against facial hair.i started sporting a clean shaven look from 2001 onwards.i was stunned by some comments like "a man must have a moustache" from a lot of ppl.man what a statement ! somehow i think a clean shaven look will suit anyone well.except of course in some real cases.

black has not got a good review from rediff.com . however both express and hindu have given it good reviews.i shudder to that what that TOIlet paper would have written.he genrally succumbs to hype and i think this case would be no different.

on a more intresting note i had to do experiments on 2 problems as a part of my thesis.the good part is that guide has agreed to accept the results for the first problem.and the second idea which i suggested has also been approved.with luck i might finish my degree by august 05.keeping my fingers crossed

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