09 February 2005


If you had seen me moving around { not exactly zipping around coz i dont do that } in a TVS victor, it's because of the largesse of my friend vichu.He went to london for a three day assignment and i used that time to refresh my driving skills.Driving in bangalore is a lot more tougher now than the time it used to be when i learnt it !
I have however returned back the vehicle to him.Thank you once again vichu.So nice of you to lend it to me :-)

In all probability in a day or two i shall be booking a vehicle.Oh ok is it the honda unicorn indeed.

Somehow that nagging cold has resurfaced.I think its time to make a trip home and check up with my doctor.I don't mind the trip to madras though for this.

The aero show has started here in bangalore.I am not going for it though.I did go for it in 2001.Im not that much enthu about this one though.Also the 20km travel in current day condition makes me tired.

oh ya and after about a 1.5yr of wait i got a dvd of the movie reservoir dogs.I asked my friend coming back from us of a to get it for me.I now own all of trantino's movies except jackie brown which i didn't quite like it that much.

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