18 February 2005

necessity is the mother of invention

I got hold of the entire calvin comic collection.But there in lies the problem.They are independent gif files.Now im on the lookout for a gif file concatenator.im pretty sure there ain't any.Now if someone knows of such a tool do let me know.Else im planning to put up some time from somewhere and write one.Write one ? Am i Kidding ? No folks.I firmly believe that if you have a problem which you think can be solved then go ahead and solve it.So im trying to hunt down the specss of gif format.Im pretty sure there has to be something like headers+data where the headers tell u things like data length, version etc.So it must be pretty straight froward to read the file in binary format get out the headers and concatenate the data and add the new header.Note that this is all of my assumption.Im yet to get over to reading the gif format itself.But judging by the number of multimedia formats that i have seen gif must be pretty simple.
Ok all this trouble for what ? To concatenate all the calvin comics in printable format so that i can take printouts and bind them up as books.Books my dears count as my best friends more than television and sometimes more than the internet itself !
UPDATE : Ok after some thought i think it's easier if i get ps files out of the gif files.Like for example i can create a latex file which would embed the gif files.Then i can convert the latex files to ps files.Any latex guru's out there who can tell me the format to embed gif files into latex files ?

Im leaving to madras tonight.{Ok why am i having that inner feeling of excitement?}.This time it's buisness all the way folks.Im running the madras marathon on sunday in aid of Saathi Foundation who are taking care of AIDS patients.In case you can loosen up your purse and spare a few for the AIDS afflicted people please do so.Remember not all AIDS afflicted people get it out of their own carelessness.I shall try to post my marathon experience once im done with it.Im pretty sure that i can run 30km non stop.But the so called runner's wall supposedly beings only after you have done 30km :-(.

And something which i have been predicting for long has happened again.The temprature in bangalore has shot up again.It reached 36 degrees centigrade yesterday.The last time it did this was in feb 2001.While the newspapers in 2001 were saying that this is the first time such a thing was happening, I still remember posting in my office newgroups that this will not be the last time.I stand vindicated folks.Something needs to be done on a war footing to save this place.From what i can see in pictures and talking to people this was indeed a very beautiful place.It's a shame that this has been destroyed in the name of development.And trust me this is not the first of the hot days that we will be seeing.Drink up folks either a glass of beer or water.Dehydration is a sure killer and here when you dont sweat, you will not have any indication that you are getting dehydrated.
Have a gr8 weekend.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:51 AM


  1. Blogger Smyta posted at Friday, February 18, 2005 at 10:32:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    Have u tried ImageMagick suite?

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