17 February 2005


Oh i love being nostalgic about my days in REC Trichy.To be precise i spent exactly 2.5yrs there, August 1997 - December 1999 { oh ya i welcomed the millenium @ hostel in the usual way ! } doing my MCA there.Ok now why did i get nostalgic ?
My friend had got a 500rs discount voucher from reebok stores.Being the true tamilian i am, i cannot refuse such freebies.So off i went to reebok store on brigade road to check out some running shoes.I could not find any.In case you want to get good variety do not go to brigade road reebok.Instead head over to reebook in forum koramangala.I wish i had done that in the first place.Would have saved us lots of time and trouble navgating the bloody traffic.
Ok it was in forum that i heard this lovely song wafting through."pehala nasha pehala huwa" from Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikandhar.No not the remix version.The remix version stinks like an unwashed sock worn throught the week.This was the original version.Man i must say that for a moment i was transported back to my REC days ! The memories came hurtling forward.I still cannot forget my classmate who sang that unforgettable song "kabhi kabhi".Such a beautiful voice.
I dunno why but somehow those songs have associated some memories of my hostel life.Trust me folks nothing like a hostel life to make u understand the real world out there ! So here are a few of the songs which really bring back the good ol memories
1. Pehala Nasha from Jo Jeetha
2. Woh sikandhar hi dosto from the same movie.Every new batch needs to memorize a class song and sing it during the fresher's party.This was our class song.We had quite a lot of guys in our class who did not know hindi and the seniors used to thrust mikes in their faces to see whether they just lip synced or really sang.man it was so very fun !
2. Kabhie Kabhie from a movie of the same name.This is the male voice version of the song
3. Almost all songs from the movie DTPH { Dil to pagal hai }
4. The title song of the movie Gupt.It used to give us the creeps when suddenly this song used to blare out from one of the 10 hostels in the campus at around 3am when we were in deep sleep ! { it's a different matter that shortly later i learnt to sleep from 4am - 9am :-) }
5. Almost all songs from the movie Thullatha manamum Thullum, in particular the song thoda thoda venavae sung by "God" Hariharan.Our college was about 17kms away from the city and you had to take buses to reach there.The government buses never had stereo sets so we used to wait for the private buses to take us to college, complete with music.The most often heard song was this !
6. Akele hai tho kya ghum hai from QSQT
7. Alice by Smokie.Ok this song has pretty objectionable lyrics but that is the remix version folks.the Original version is pretty good !
8. All songs from the movie en swasa katrae.For one full day ie from morning around 10am till next day morning around 5 am we heard this tape again and again as we played carrom.Just 4 guys.We did nothing the whole day.played carrom and went to mess.Came back and played carrom.Non stop just like that.
9. The stirring title music from the movie titanic.As my friend said "it's not a movie man it's an experience"
10. And finally kasu mela kasu vandhu song from the movie kadhala kadhala.I remember how we danced away to a frenzy with this song during our farewell.
There are still more but then i dont have the patience to type out all of them !
those sweet Memories will always be dear to me ! { as it comes in that song do u remember from the album dangerous by michael jackson ! }

My one year hostel stay in Indian Institue of Science was no where close to this.I had morons in the hostel block who used to crib when my stereo set used to reach 3/10 in volume.Silly buggers !

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