14 February 2005

The Weekend That Was

What a weekend !!

1. I saw the movie Ji.A pretty bad movie i must say.Ligusamy the director gave two quality films.His first one was anandham and the second one was Run.Both of them had pretty good screenplay a very good script and some good performances.However Ji falls flat on all fronts.
1.1 Ajit is in no way suited for the role of a college student.The mistake that mani rathnam made in casting ajay devgan as a college student in Yuva was repeated here too. I think the director should have been more careful with his choice here.
1.2 As it stands it is a very good story of mixing politics and student elections.If you remember ramgopal varma made a film with the same subject called udhayam { his first movie incidentally }.He had handled it pretty well and in fact no movie ever made after that comes close to that.It did have it's flaws but the handling was pretty good.
1.3 The background score { vidyasagar } was heavily inspired/lifted from titanic ! That was pretty stunning considering that vidyasagar is one of the rising stars of melody music.If you dont believe me check out the song called Vezhiyum Vezhiyum from the movie chaturangam here
1.4 Overall the movie seems to drag too much.Well the director seems to be trying to tell something to the audience but unfortunately neither he nor the audience are able to grasp the message !
1.5 Avoid it if you can :-)

2. In a prelude to the madras marathon i ran the 30km on sunday.
2.1 The heat in bangalore is pretty killing.30 degrees at 8am in the morning and that too on the outer ring road ! And in april there's the bangalore marathon too.Im still not brave enough to run the full marathon in that heat.Anyway let me see about that later
2.2 It is pretty tough to run the 30km itself.Im now having some real doubts about the full marathon.However i was running it all alone.i think some company might make things just that little bit easier

3. Sania mirza won the hyderabad atp tournament.Way to go madame.Im pretty happy for you and best wishes.may you win more such tournaments.

4. I saw two more movies, ghost and darkness *ing van kilmer and michael douglas which was pretty bad and the movie few good men.If you can get hold of this movie do not miss it.some stunning performances especially by tom cruise and jack nicholson. worth seeing it again and again !

and Kribs has sucesfully conducted his vodka party.its so sad that it had to be conducted when i was not there in town but i guess it's ok.my time will come :-)

and here's something that used to go around in my hostel.
Q : Why is nov 14th known as children's day ?
A: Coz it comes nine months after valentine's day :-)
No offence meant Mr.Jawahar Lal Nehru. Since today is valentine's day i thought i better post this one though :-)
Uh ok i dont believe in valentine's day crap.And im pretty much bored with putting up the reasons for it!

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