15 February 2005

One of my most fav grouse is that technology is now-a-days used more for those cosmetic effects, seeing video clips on my mobile, seeing news on my mobile, using my mobile as a camera.I firmly believe these are those little { and fringe } pleasures of life.
Technology is not being used for the betterment of the basic needs of human life.
Using technology to improve the sanitation, water supply, health care etc is in my opinion more apt.
Anyway Prof.Ashok Jhunjunwalla of IIT Madras is indeed doing something along that lines.
Ok this is not about that.This is about an article i read in The Hindu today and im not able to get an online version of it.
Three s/w gumbals have designed a tsunami warning system.The prototype is pretty simple.There is atleast 15mins to 2hrs time gap for a tsunami to originate and hit the shores.The detection is pretty instataneous.So once it is detected by the satellite a program will take it and use WAP to channel it out to the mobile operators and then mobile users would get the message on their mobiles.
This is pretty much a simple idea.However the model which was proposed by us a few weeks back envisaged the use of SMS instead of WAP.If you know any of the guys who have desgined the system that was published today do let me know.Im more than willing to share with them our prototype which uses SMS instead of WAP.
IMHO SMS is a pretty cheaper setup instead of WAP.However the implementation level issues will have to be dealt with.

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