26 February 2005

hectic weekend

a hectic weekend is coming up folks.
railway budget is coming up and more importantly bihar election results are due to come up on sunday.i hope that laloo looses.well it's just a feeling.i have never been to bihar and he might have improved the lot of ppl.but just as the ignoramus up north claim that amma jayalalithaa must loose without knowing what she has done for the state, for once im trying to be as them :-)
and im a more serious note i have never been for the hype that the indian media create.the media created hype over a UP student topping the NASA exam has fallen flat. In this sense i think Hindu is a better newspaper as it does not rush to print such absurd and nonsensical news items.
And since i have a lot of things to finish and wind up over the weekend let me close with this for now

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