22 February 2005

full bloom

as seal says in the song "kiss from a rose"
"And now that your rose is in bloom, A light hits the gloom on the grave"

it pumps me up to no end to see such beautiful flowers.

and after a loong time im back to cycling on bangalore roads.ya after running the marathon my legs are under a bit of pain but i guess cycling kind of soothes it instead of making it more acute.oh when i say cycling i mean the relaxed kind say around 12kmph and not the pumped up 20kmph kind that i normally do !
I think vidyasagar is slowly becoming the melody king of tamil music.His song from chaturangam is already making waves.Now is the song ding-dong from the movie Ji here. Quite a lilting melody.And some brilliant singing by Madhu balakrishnan.I felt that instead of sadhana sargam, Harini would be a better choice.If you dont believe me see for yourself how sadhana pronounces the words "iravu pagal neelgirathae" { translated into "how the days and nights are getting stretched" ! }
Madhu Balakrishnan has a voice that is almost close to what "God" hariharan has though not with the amount of base tenor that Hariharan has.

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