02 March 2005

Madras String Quatret

Have you heard of the madras string quatret ? they are a group of violin and cellist players.What impresses me is that i have heard about each of them separately but i did'nt know that they were playing as a group.
They are :
1. V.S.Narasimhan.This guy plays some stunning violin.Most of Illayaraja's stunning violin pieces can be attributed to be played by this guy.He also composed music for a movie that has arvind swamy and revathi.I am not sure about the name of the movie.But it had a song that had some stunning arrangement.The song went something like:
"shenbaga poovai parthu;
ooru seidhi sonnadhu kaatru;
yen kannan avan kaigalai adhai kondan;
andha poovukku ooru moksham varum indru!"

2. V.R. Sekar : Surprise Surprise he is the son of kunnakudi.Need i say more about him ? He plays the cello which again is a big surprise.I have not heard him play the cello.Ok i do listen to a rostropovich here and there but i have not listened to any other cellist till now.

B.J.Chandra and hemant complete the quatret.
Ok the reason why im posting this is coz these guys will be performing at the unwind center in madras this weekend.Im pretty sure i have to miss it coz i have some academic work to be completed.If you are there do make it a point to attend.Im sure you will not be disappointed.

Talking of instruments reminds me.I always have a soft corner for the irish instrument tin whistle.A few good songs that uses it are Bouree & Pan Dance by jethorull, Haste to wedding by corrs and that title music strain from titanic !

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