14 March 2005

back on track

Finally my laptop is up & running folks.thanks to all those who messaged in with suggestions.
so here is what i had to do.
1. none of the methods metioned in the net worked :-(.probably coz my laptop had an old bios.
2. install linux { a minimal installation. }
3. from the linux boot take a backup of whatever you want from windows.{ yeah that is the power of linux guys.you can mount your windows partition and take backups prety easily }
4. hose down the existing windows partiton and install windows again on top of this.
5. since i re-installed windows linux will not boot anymore.that however is nothing to worry about.
6. insert the linux installation cd and boot into linux in rescue mode and voila! all the backed up data is still present.
7. copy the data from linux into windows partition.
8 reinstall linux.

now you have both windows and linux running :-)
i celebrated this by watching the movie "Million Dollar Baby".Intresting movie guys.Made pretty well and i kind of felt it had a lot of sentimental touch to it !

Today morning i heard a song "Agar main kahoon".I dunno the name of the movie.Someone here tells me it is from lakshya.The moment i heard the song i knew the music composers were shankar ehsaan loy.The song has some stunning guitars.Something struck a chord.I immediately put in my tape of Simon & Garfunkel into my system and there it was.The track seems to have some definite influences and in fact is almost a lift of quite a few of simon and garfunkel's tracks.Notable among them being scarbrough fair.Bad.Real bad.On a more intresting note if you want to know which songs copied from where head over Here!

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