09 March 2005

b 2 the a 2 the b 2 the a bala :-)

Oh the title is borrowed from the rap that blazee wrote for the movie "Baba".That is an ode to that smiling guy from my motherland { Madras it is.What did u think ? } and my fellow brother Balaji.Kudos to you man for your first five-for.He has always been performing well against the pakis and this must serve as a good confidence booster to him.
Now it's upto the batsmen to make further use of the good work done by him.
I tried installing ubuntu on my laptop and was pretty sucessful in hosing it down :-).If you remember there is a problem with linux 2.6 kernels and windows xp dual boot as they way in which they address the disks are different.The solution to that is to use lilo or to specify boot parameters at start up, which is nothing but the disk geometry, which can be obtained by using fdisk -l .
So now either i find the way to specify boot time parameters during ubuntu installation or revert back to suse 9.1.
And ya ubuntu installed pretty fast.And considering the fact that they ship you cd's for free well it's a pretty cool deal.
On an after thought i just found that none of the software i have on my laptop is paid. It's either borrowed from friends or freeware.
As the saying goes "Freeya kudutha pehenola kooda kudipomda nanaga" { loosely translated into we will drink pheneol if that is given free :)) }

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:07 AM


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