09 March 2005

this day two years ago

On precisely this day two years ago at around almost the same time { 10.xx }am i landed in bagalore airport from singapore after completing my first visit to us of a :-)
so to kindle those memories here is a pic i took in san diego beach where i was staying.It's a different issue that i waited for about an hour for the light mix to come out and i *did not* use a digital camera and i blew up about 3 rolls each worth 7$.Ok this is just a pic that i like.It may not be a brilliant pic but WTF ? :-)
Photography is fast becoming one of my significant hobbies.Got to devote sometime to it to know about it in full :-)

The wise men may ask as to why in spite of repeated requests by the guys for whom i was working there { i wont name them here.Too many ppl are being fired for writing too public a blog :-) } i opted to come back.Simple the last dates for applying for my masters were coming close and i did not want to miss out.It is a different matter that i never expected to clear the interview, and after the interview was left wondering that why the heck did i come back.But then probably my life pattern was such that i should be entering IISc :-)
There was an ocassion when i got real goosebumps during the travel.No not when i saw the pacific below me, not when i kept on seeing the movie "Die Another Day" that was being screened { 9 times folks}, not when those cute air hostess gave me the entire bar for myself.
It was after seeing this picture in singapore airport.

The red banner before "Bienvenue" proclaims "Welcome" written in tamil folks.What an effect it was to see that language written so boldly in a foreign country.On the other side it felt so bad that no where in my country is it written so boldly ! And ya i rememeber those stunning masala dosa's i had at the singapore airport.Pretty expensive but what the blazes ? If not for eating what else am i working for ?

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  1. Blogger sowmy posted at Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 11:39:00 AM GMT+5:30  
    You are right. Tamil brings a nostalgic and a great feeling in me too...I felt the same too when I transited via SIN. I am glad to note that you brought that out quite nicely.

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