16 March 2005

coilation politics

I have been following the DMK conclave over the past few days.There is one thing which i find really strange.
The DMK kezha bolt {dirty slang for old man} MK is claiming that he will allot seats to other parties but will keep all the ministries for himself.
Of course there is no such thing called shame in politics, but i still wonder how is it that the partners are willing to participate in such a coilation.
Obviously to prevent any future setbacks he will contest and make sure he wins atleast a simple majority.
If that is the case then what will the alliance partners be left with ? The leftovers ? This is something that is totally wrong.And WTF are the alliance partners thinking ? Man this news has shaken me like hell.
I am a staunch supporter of "Amma" Jayalalithaa.She and only she alone has the guts to bring in some change.More often than not i think it is the ego of the ppl that prevents them from accepting her as the leader.Come on WTF ? She has shown that she can survive in the male dominated world of dravidian politics.What more do you need ?
I sincerely hope that someone drills some sense into the coilation partners, make them demand for ministerial berths during the pre poll alliance itself.Only then this alliance will break.And if this alliance does break, there is no stopping "Amma" from coming back to power.
And for all talk of corruption etc, i just have to say one thing.You dont know a dime about dravidian politics.Just do some background reading to understand the truth.
The coming few more months promises to bring in some intresting stuff.I sincerely hope that the coilation breaks.That is the only hope for motherland to become the topmost state in almost every index, where maharashtra is the only state ahead.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:59 AM


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