18 March 2005


In what is bound to snowball into a major political controversy unless some high level political action is taken, the chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi has been denied a US visa. His was totally a buisness trip to address Asian Hotel leaders federation.The reasons given for rejection for visa are far too frivolous.The language used for reasons for rejection and far too strong and totally unbecoming. Genocide it seems.What then do we classify the war in iraq as ? School football ?
Now he might be guilty or he might not be.That is not the point here.He is an elected chief minister of a state.I personally view this as a major snub.Such a thing is totally unprecedented and uncalled for.
The high handedness and totally partisan attitude of United States must stop.History has never ever been favouring the wrong doers again and again.If Narendra Modi is being denied a visa on the grounds that he committed genocide, what about the numerous war prisoners who were being tortured ? What about the hundreds who died because of war waged in iraq by the president of United States ? What about the hundreds more who died in Hiroshima & Nagasaki ? What about vietnam ?
A seemingly perceived superiority complex does not give the right to decide on what is right and what is wrong, merely by convenience.
Now even if this issue is sorted out at any political level i personally feel that the chief minister must not go.While people may argue that it would be a demonstration that, "in spite of your best attempts to keep me out here i am" kind of attitude, i feel that not going is the right attitude.India must also take serious note of this and issue strong objections.
Too far has this kind of demonstration of supremacy been going on, that its time we did our best to stop it.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:41 PM


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