30 March 2005

offense is the best form of defence

Offence is the best form of defence says the age old adage.Now that being the case it beats me as to how Team India thought that they could wear down a pakistani attack.Did they under estimate it ? Did they think that they could wear it down ?
The best form of trying to play out for a draw was not to block every ball but to play out your natural game.We do not have a Gavaskar here with impeccable technique to play out 90 and odd overs.
Now what pisses me of even more is that the crap of a newspaper called Times of India is inviting readers to spam the captain ganguly.This attitude of praising someone sky high when they win and pushing them into the dumps when they loose must stop.
One of the positives the pakistani team can take from this tour is that they now seem to be gelling in well as a team.The sense of unity and purpose seems to be coming through.
No this series is actually a victory for them.They drew the mohali test, came close to winning the calcutta test till a certain Mr.Rahul Dravid and Dinesh Karthik stopped them and won the bangalore test quite easily.
In fact what i feel is that Team india took them pretty lightly and paid the price for it.
Make no mistake, just as we drew the australian series and claimed a victory so can the pakistanis.In any home series as long as the home team does not win the series, it is equal to loosing it.
I did want to write about something else too but forogt about it completely !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 9:44 AM


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