13 October 2005


Perhaps one of the most important reasons why the blogging movement has been sucessful is the fact that it has remained highly personal. No single individual or a group controls it. It's my blog and i post whatever crap i want to. You want to read it you do. You dont want to the hell i care. This has been the attitude of most bloggers around.
That being the case taunting bloggers with statements like "any blogger worth his salt must express his opinion on this"
is to say the least childish !
So guys please i am in no mood to publish my views on this. I would prefer a wait and watch approach. And oh to things like "if you co-operate today tomorrow we wont co-operate" well im sorry guys. You dont know me yet :-)
Update : Those who do know me will know what my stand on that issue is !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:51 AM


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