05 October 2005

Education & Politics

I always believed that being educated might make one a better politician.But the dynasty that exists in Tamilnadu seems to believe otherwise.How else would one explain the stupid and utter nonsensical act of Dayanadhi Maran the IT and communications minister.
In a recent industry conference at madras, he started of in the right note by mentioning that other cities must learn not only the good but also the bad things that are happening in Bangalore.He was referring to the traffic problems and infrastructure problems.
He could have stopped at that and prevented from having the egg on his face.Instead that stupid moron went one step further and said that if the current infrastructure problems in madras are to solved, his party must be voted back to power in the next elections it seems.Hah ! As if he got no other platform to campaign for a party headed by a old bull-crap fellow ? A party which when it was in pwoer did nothing for the state, that "Amma", who was percieved to be so corrupt was voted back ?
And "Amma" is making great strides in infrastructure developement atleast. For the state to rank second in FDI with minimum of hype and advertising fuss, it requires efficient governance.And that "Amma" is more than capable of !
So let me kick start a "Vote-Amma-Back-To-Power" campain thru this post.Well she might not have any sort of publicity hype, nor she might be having some ranking as best chief minister, but she sure is proving to be efficient !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 11:35 AM


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