19 October 2005

King !

seer konduva ven magamae { oh clouds get me a gift }
idhu iniya vasandha kaalam { these are vasantham{spring?} times }
ilaigalil ilami udhirum kolam { the leaves are brimming with youth }
idhuve ini yengum nirandharam { this is now going to be forever }

waft's spb's melodious voice in that song.listen to it here
Well raja is at it again in this song folks. Listen to that peculiar instrument { not drums a kind of anklet sounds } in the background giving that extra rythm and effect ! man raja rocks

if you were to rephrase the same song
seer thandha ven megame { the coulds which gave the gift }
adhu iniya vasantha kaalam { those were great days }
ilaygalil ilamia udhirum kolam { the leaves are brimming with youth }
adhuve ini yengum nirandharam { that will always be forever }

raja you will always be forever. for changing the way we listen to music ! i heard your concert rocked. A pity i was not able to attend it.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:39 AM


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