04 March 2006

Bolt from the Blue ?

In what is definitely a major setback to the UPA's poll chances in Tamilnadu, MDMK has switched over sides to align with "Amma". However if one follows the developements of the past few months quite closely, this was not all that unexpected.
If i remember correctly i do recall telling quite a lot of nay-sayers that a bihar like situation, where coilation partners for the central government will fight against each other at state level will happen. After all, isn't power a basic need for every politician ? That being the case, the abilities of Karunanidhi to hold a 11 party coilation at a state level was always in doubt. Secondly, Stalin the son of Karunanidhi was always being projected as the next leader and in fact the next to take over the DMK mantle. Gopalaswamy(vaiko), the leader of MDMK, had quit DMK over this dynastic issues to form his own party.
Now one might question the morality of vaiko's actions because "Amma" had jailed him for close to 20 months in a POTA case. But it was his bitter pill to swallow !
In fact going by Karunanidhi's plans of making sure he has a simple majority of MLA's elected to assembly from his own party, and his refusal to accept a coilation model of government, i will not be surprised if some more parties break away from that alliance.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 6:18 PM


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