09 April 2006

Amit on Designing Web Applications

He gave a talk on his tool called mind canvas which is a mash up of online surveys, online games and data driven statistical methods. Card sorting seems to be a method for user experience surveys and used to classify things into various categories. He used the example of an Ice-berg. 7/8th of it is under water. And we dont know about it ! So we do need to know how to see and view things. This product dwells more on obtaining user responses for surveys when we want to launch a product. As he says Web2.0 has made the user more aware of his/her product and now it does not make sense to have the producer waiting for user to give back feedback. The requirments for software (Web2.0) are now a series of iterative feedback and no rigid rules and procedures ! Thus Death, Taxes and Design Changes are the only constants in life :-). Pretty intresting session. Somehow i kind of think that these sessions add more value than just technical sessions. As he says, Ideas alone are not anything. It is the execution that matters !! Coming up next is a live conference from california on the background of podcast.

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