06 May 2006

And We are off

It is 3.00am in the morning now and in another hour from now a group of (crazy to some, whacky to others and just "oh my god" to many more others) people are off on our Road Trip. Of course we are not carrying our laptops or have GPRS connections in our mobiles to provide live updates (Ya doing that would have kicked some serious butt), but some other trip we shall try to provide online updates. As my co-goon Manikantan at my Lab said, we can tie up with some TV channel to provide live updates. That is for some other trip !
We still do not have much clarity on the charity front. Looks like we did mess up a bit on the timing of our efforts. But still there is always a next trip when we can do it.(I dont belive in saying that we failed in something, just say that we learnt something from this attempt! ;-) as it always sounds cool that way)
Se ya all folks in madras !

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 2:57 AM


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