05 July 2006

General Ishtuff

What a relief it was, when Grosso netted the ball after failing to do so, twice previously. Germany got a nice kick in its slimy backside ! Even though it might have been the Argentine's mistake in letting Germany win, i wouldn't have digested Germany going to finals !
Now to cheer for Portugal as they kicked England out of the tournament !
And King Kribs is back at doing what he does impeccably, organizing stuff (If you were a part of This you would have know that it was the best out of all similar events organized in India. I am not joking, ask anyone you want!). There is this cool video blogging thing which he has put together. Check Here for more details.
If you were following the latest spat between Qualcomm (Yeah, the company that owns the CDMA patents) and Reliance Infocomm, here is more info for you, courtesy here.

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