09 June 2006

GajaBhuja Funda - 4

What is the point in having a blog named GajaBhuja Funda if i dont give out fundas atleast on a spordiac basis ? So here is one
"The watchability of a song however bad the music and the lyrics are is directly propotional to the degree of expertise of the female lead in the song to retain the viewers intrest".
Proof : I was watching the movie called "Tamizh" on the bus from Madras to Tirunelveli. There was some screwed up song (jarring instrument combo and pathetic lyrics) which was eminently watchable just for Simran. She rocked big time ! IMHO she was a complete and excellent package. Stunning dance, decent acting poweress :-)

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:32 PM


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