09 June 2006

Observations - From Travel

Was in Tirunelveli and Nagercoil over the past few days. Here are some traveller level observations
Tirunelveli :
1. Good place. Nice and friendly people. One fellow bus traveller chatted up with me as to whom i voted for, after seeing the ink on my index finger. And said that he voted for DMK just to see whether MK can fulfil his promises.
2. Sweet tasting ground water. No need to buy mineral water. This time of the year has lots of breeze.
3. The best part is that almost all fruit juice shops have a mixed fruit juice (i think this is what is called "Nellai Pazha Rasam"). I think this is a concoction of date fruits, bananas and some essence and a few other fruits. This was quite close to what you get as panchamritham in temples. This juice rocks. You need to taste it to get what i am saying about ! And the other amazing part is that the taste of this juice is consistent across all shops. I tasted this in four different shops and it was always the same !
4. In case you want to come to bangalore from there take the Govt Bus. I saw that the bus was pretty good and as usual economical.
5. New Anandha lodge where i stayed sucked. The toilet was cramped. But for budget travellers like me, 150rs for a day is a steal.

1. This place gets its name from the Nagaraja temple a shiva temple. Could not see it as i went when it was closed :-(
2. Lots and lots of bullets (Royal Enfield :-) ) are there. In the few hours that i was there, i saw atleast 20 of them.
3. There was a beach that i went to. Forgot the name, but it was quite nice place. Small beach and no one was there (Ya i went at around 2pm :-)).
4. Lots of kerala influence. I think this was a part of the travancore presidency. Lots of nameboards in Malayalam too.

The route from Thirunelveli to Nagercoil has lots of windmills and its like amazingly windy.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 4:22 PM


  1. Blogger Shiva posted at Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 2:27:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    loved the second observation abt Nagercoil.. ( i am from nagercoil..)

    lots and lots of bullets.. but u missed an important thing.. no Thunderbirds :)

    used to think that bullet was the no.1 motorcycle in sales in India.. but had to change that perception when i left home for higher studies :)


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