18 May 2006

Reducing firefox memory usage - 1

So the idea behind the previous post was to see if i can do my mite to reduce the memory consumed by firefox (for linux of course, what else do i know ?? ;-))
So here is what i did. I managed to link up the dmalloc (ya Doug Lea's) library after making a few changes to it (to handle new, new[], delete and delete[] respectively). The browser surprisingly is working fine :-) (as of now!).
I shall post the details of my experiments shortly. Till then, stay tuned !
BTW does anyone know how to limit the memory allocated by Doug's library ? If yes responses in the usual manner.
Update 1 : The java_vm that is being spawned by firefox to handle webpages having java is creating some issues here :-( so getting my hands dirty in trying to solve that issue. And no work will happen over this weekend. So any more updates will be done during the course of the next week.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 5:18 PM


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