11 May 2006

Fortune Reversal

Now that the trends seem to point to a victory for the DMK led combine (and a coilation government), one does hope that they continue the good work started by "Amma". The TN electorate's idea of power rotation does seem to be coming true !
Update 1 : I think more than the power rotation thing, it is the idea of a coilation government and the ability to accept that has become a curcial factor. MK being a shrewd politician might have understood that and hence was not averse to a coilation !
Update 2 : A seat wise look up at the results show that there is not much to choose between the dravidian parties.(DMK 75 AIADMK 60+ ). It is the allies who have made the difference.
Update 3 : There was no landslide as predicted by the exit polls. MK's contention that he will form the government on his own as well as "Amma's" contention that she will form government on her own have just been rubbished.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 8:47 AM


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