13 July 2006

Two points of Depression

Two things left me quite depressed and wondering what was the real use of people being educated !
1. Picture this. There are quite a lot of call center vehicles plying in bangalore. These are also called "Carriers of Death" ! Now try to see the other side of this aspect, from the driver's side. He is basically made to work at almost 24hr basis, his license is confiscated by the agency for whom he works and most importantly he would not have even seen the inside of a school. Now the big question is, many a time you see a speeding cab with the employees _inside_ it. Aren't the employees educated ? Even if they are tired and sleepy and what not, what prevents them from telling the driver to take it easy and go carefully ? I invariably see the employees dozing off when they get back home. Someone needs to tell them that it is better they wait, get home and get good sleep instead of taunting the "eternal" sleep by travelling in such a speeding vehicle ! And these employees are educated and what not ! Blah
2. This one takes the bigger piece of the cake ! To get an Indane gas connection, you need to have a ration card it seems. To get a new ration card can take upto three years. So what do these smart-aleck (mainly bull-shitting software people) guys do ? They bribe the guy at the counter with some 2000 rs and get a new connection. Now a simple math will tell you the following. Most of the guys have a gas connection just for the sake of having one and eat out most of the time. Even if they cook on a daily basis, it is just for only once a day. That being the case, if you get a private gas connection, you get a 12.5kg cylinder for 400rs, as opposed to 14.2kg cylinder at indane for 350rs. Now over a span of three years (the time taken to get the ration card), you would have spent atmost 1000rs extra in buying the cylinder from a private agency. Then why encourage corruption ? And these are the guys who earn fancy salaries and are educated at premier institutes! Agreed, but why to encourage corruption ? Then these people have no guts to crib that everything in India is corrupt and stuff. As you sow, so will you reap.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 2:05 PM


  1. Blogger Eswar posted at Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 10:38:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    //To get a new ration card can take upto three years. //

    But i was told if i delist my name from my father's ration card, i would eligible to get a ration card. and i am still paying 500+ for the pirate (private ) connection.
  2. Blogger K.Shyam posted at Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 10:19:00 AM GMT+5:30  
    hmm delisting is alone not enough.check up with the pds office in cunnigham road bangalore.they will tell you that more needs to be done including applying for a new card and getting it.
    if one plans to settle down permanently in this place, then it is indeed worthwhile to get it done.

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