30 August 2006

HP Pavilion ZE1250 & Suse Linux 10.1

Has anyone tried installing OpenSuse 10.1 on a HP Pavilion ZE1250 ? Okay, that is my laptop. There seems to be some ACPI related interrupt issue which is causing some horrible lockups. I mean the entire laptop locks up and only a battery removal is able to power it down. Note that if i independently update the kernel to 2.6.16, after installing Suse 10.0 nothing happens. I think this has got to do with the ACPI or some other patches introduced by Suse. Any pointers anyone ?
From whatever little time i was fiddling with it, Suse 10.1 kicks ass. Note that i am in no manner inclined to try out fedora. I hate it. Period. If someone has SLED 10.0 (Suse Enterprise Linux) willing to lend it to me, nothing like that. The point is SLED is evaluation version which expires after a 60 day trial period and does not allow you to do any updates.

And, i have always believed in the power of internet and blogs. Quite sometime ago, i was trying my hand and getting a software level memory manager for firefox. The work is still underway ;-). I had made this post asking about some details for windows.
I got a e-mail a few months back. This is the reply.

Hi Shyam,

I came across a post you made here:
http://shyamk.blogspot.com/2006/05/windows-equivalent.html looking for
an LD_PRELOAD implementation for Windows. I've been looking for the
same thing and came across three possibilities that might work for you:


I'm not sure yet if any of these are going to work for me, so I'd like
to know if you came across any other implementations.


Thanks go out to Mr.Tom for giving me some links. I am currently doing some reading up on them.
Now, isn't this simply wonderful ?

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 10:44 AM


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