23 August 2006


Continuing on my earlier post, this is the second trip that we (him and myself) did, Trichy. This place will always be very special to me ! A place where truly, i came out of my teenage life and attained a worldly view of so many things. A place where hostel life rocked. Compared to the hostel life in REC or NIT trichy when i was doing my MCA, IISc hostel life during my MS time sucked ! It's a different issue that i never even tried to study in both the places, but ahem we shall not spill all the beans here. A set of snobs and smart asses were loitering around IISc hostel as if they were the begin all and end all of everything. Ok let me not digress too much !
Once we finished the tanjore trip, we proceeded to our alma mater (REC/NIT) and kallanai, which is pretty close by. In fact, when i was a student there, i cycled from hostel till kallani. REC brings back so many nostalgic memories. My first cross country run (10kms), my first tryst with programming, late night food in the road-side shops opposite college, so many innumearble things here that i cannot list each and every one of them. Particulary pleasent are those days or rather nights we spent in gossip. Coral hostel was where i stayed for the first year or to be precise Coral 45 !


My first ever hostel room !


The computer center where i spent lots of time. Mostly fiddling with the big bad world of internet and many a times spent in doing some worthless programs ( How do you multiply a matrix using recursion ? How do you implement a LALR(1) or LALR(n) parser ? How can i bypass the charges which we had to pay for internet usage by making my account log off automatically and yet continue browsing ? ). The first machine i used had a 1gb hard disk and 32 mb ram. Contrast it with the machine i use today, 80gb hard disk and 1gb ram :-)


And i see orkut on most of machines in the computer center when i go there now !!


The mess behind coral hostel had few benches outside, which were aptly used for post dinner and sometimes post breakfast discussions on who is hitting on whom (you do know what i mean by hitting on:-)), which movie made the cut and which did not, who got caught doing what etc etc !!


The Coral hostel terrace where we spent the morning of the exam day doing last minute cramming. As is the case with student community everywhere (i think i can make this sweeping generalization pretty safely, as if you dont fall into this category, you are not a student:-)), we always used to read for our exams the night before the exam, so that whatever you read was always fresh in memory :-). You see you need to save your memory space for more worthwhile things. Things which will not be told so very publicly in this space :-)


The mess in Coral hostel where i found out the hard fact that food anywhere outside home sucks and sucks big time. IISc hostel was a small exception. On some days, they do prepare some real good food !


I moved to another hostel called Beryl for my second and third years. Yes, that's me coming out of the hostel block.


I was in Beryl 63 with a fine roommate called Thirumaran. We scribbled out our names on the door during one of those days when we had our endless talk. Imagine the goosebumps on my skin when i see that whatever i scribbled on the door remained intact after all these years !! On a small aside, i refuse to give in to the popular legend that only ladies gossip. Leave some guys in a hostel room and you would be amazed at how long they can go yapping about anything and everything. Add some guys who are owls (those who sleep during the day), and you have a complete recipie for an all night yapping session !!


Towards the end of my second year, i started dabbling in long distance running. This is the ground where i first started doing it. A short 4km run every day to bring myself up to the levels of my more illustrious classmates who could run 10km with ease ! Thanks go out here to a huge set of friends and more particularly, JP(jayprakash), Kandu (shivshankar), Hemp(Hemraj) who remained my single source of inspiration.


Finally after reliving the golden years, we moved to kallani.

Boy, it was indeed a kick-ass trip !

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  1. Blogger sagaro posted at Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 10:56:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    Dei, appidiye sathish blog lendu bit aduchutiya...
  2. Blogger K.Shyam posted at Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 11:22:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    dey sagaro dog;
    copying ? from sathish ? you must be bonkers. we may have the same pictures posted coz both of us studied there.
  3. Blogger vallavan manmadhan posted at Monday, August 28, 2006 at 4:29:00 PM GMT+5:30  
    nice photos of the campus - nikanth(RECTMCA 2005 batch)

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