16 July 2006

Eh ! At the receiving end

Hmm it does feel intresting to know that someone, i mean some real crackpot has kind of managed to steal your orkut login ! It is not that i am anyway an avid orkut buff or whatsoever, but it does feel really irritating. I was intrested in finding out what the general Junta say about that useless book called "The Monk who sold his Ferrari". Google seems to throw up all positive stuff and so does a technocrati search.
So here is to proclaim that in case anyone gets some real dirty messages from me through orkut, well it wasn't me :-).
Oh well, if you do get some messages you like, and which warms your heart, and you want to touch base with me, you do know how to reach me :-) !!
I still dont understand what can someone get by stealing _my_ orkut id !
Now to get cracking on some internet forums to see how i can get it back. Suriyanukke torchae ? ;-) (Showing torch to the sun itself is it ?)

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 12:49 AM