29 August 2006

Review - Pirates of the Carribean - Dead man's Chest

When the First instalment of the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy (yes, it does look like it is going to be a trilogy) came out, it did manage to retain the viewer intrest with some good story telling and pretty decent effects. The second one, is nothing but an amateurish attempt at torturing the viewers. And to think of there is going to be a third instalment. The only saving grace of the movie seems to be the charming Keira.
As for the review, well stay away from this movie if you can. Nothing great and a total let down performance even by the ever reliable Jhonny Depp. Surprisingly, an even worthless movie called Miami vice upstaged this movie in the Box-Office collections. That should give you an indication of how irritated people were with this movie. As my friend Govind put it after seeing the movie, "Who cares what is going to happen in the third instalment of the movie!".

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 2:42 AM


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