16 November 2006

Illayaraja Again

Many a time i have written about "God" Illayaraja in this blog. So here goes another of his haunting pieces.
As is known to many Illayaraja fans, he has given some stunning melodies for some totally worthless movies.
There is this movie called "Pattakatthi Bairavan". IMHO i think the moment someone names a movie like this they are bound for failure. Anyway, i am not going to go too much into that.
There is a song in that movie "Engengo Sellum". You can hear that song Here. It starts off with a neat mozartesque piano interlude (also bass guitar ?). When you think that this is one of those slow songs comes a stunning rhythm change with violins (what else ?) and soft drums and that bass guitar again. Man what a song what a song ! Add some stunning and soft vocals by S.P.Balasubramaniam (Who else?) and S.Janaki and you have an absolutely stunning song.
As is the wont with most songs of that period, this was rather badly picturized on Shivaji Ganesan (Gulp!!) and Jayasudha.
As they say, irrespective of the ocassion, a genius continues to perform at his/her best.

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