30 December 2006

M2M - Feliz Año Nuevo

M2M. This was formed on the lines of the B2B and B2C stuff that was going around during the dotcom-dotgone days. M2M was my own acronym for Move-2-Madras. Ideally, by January 2005 I wanted to get back to Madras and find some work there. Heck, even driving a auto was okay as long as i was out of this hell-hole called Bangalore. (Guys over Here will know how well i adhered to that deadline). Anyway there is a small change. The Madras became Mexico. Well, time to play tourist ;-). Yes folks. Beginning January 2007, i am off to Mexico for sometime. Hence, Feliz Año Nuevo folks. (Google translator says that it means "Happy New Year" in Spanish). Well i am saying it a bit in advance as i would be somewhere over Atlantic by the time we usher in the new year in India.

So this blog will now have Mexico focussed stuff. Ideally, i plan to write about stuff which would help some other traveler. Things like good hotels, weather, cost of living, tax rates and yes of course, places to see. And yes, in case a reader of this blog is in Mexico and wishes to meet up, i am all game ;-)

Motherland Madras will have to wait a tad bit more for the return of her prodigal son.
PS: Please do not ask me as to what project i am going to do there and what domain and all that crap. Do they really matter ? I guess not ;-)
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