05 December 2006

Many Dream, Some Do

On 3th December, two bikers set off on a South Asia trip by bike. Read more about them Here. Being a biker myself, i can just say this. We dream of doing something like this, but these guys have done it. And yes they will finish their trip comfortably. They are returning back to Bangalore sometime in April.


The guy in white is Srinidhi and the guy wearing the red jerkin is Kishore. I would say it was my privilege to meet these two guys and ride with them for some distance. Some of us, a part of a Royal Enfield group rode with them till Kunigal where we had some amazing Thatte Idlis. To get to this shop, reach kunigal town. There will be a Bharath Petroleum petrol bunk on your left hand side. Keep travelling on the road to shimoga. The thatte idli shop is a few hundred meters down on the left hand side. Coming back, the guys were really focussed, and yet pretty simple guys having no such hangovers like "we have done large distances by bikes and you are kids", unlike a few guys from other groups that we know of. As Kishore was saying, "we have some money for petrol and it would not be enough. We are hoping that we would get it on our way and use it". That ladies and gentlemen is the essence of traveling. You don't plan too much. Trust me, as i have experienced myself, things definitely fall into place when you travel. Incidentally, our group is also planning to ride back with them when they return in April. Watch this blog for details.

Here's to wishing the two bikers Godspeed and good luck.

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