30 November 2006

The Second Coming a.k.a Road Trip - 2

After the stupendous success of the first road trip the roadies (madcaps to many!) are back at it again (with a slightly smaller and a different team). On 8th December, there is a cycling trip from Madras to Pudhucherry (nee Pondicherry). The plan is as follows : Start from Madras on 8th, reach pondy the same day evening, chill out in pondy on 9th and start back for Madras on 10th. If you are interested, drop in a comment or pass on the word to those who are interested.
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PS: There is a plan for a sub 24hr 360km cycling dash from Bangalore to Madras that has been germinating in my mind for quite sometime. But that is for some other day ! If we pull it off, we would do what even Tour De France guys have not done ;-)

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