20 November 2006

Hoggenekal Drive

I have always been an vigorous supporter of creating contacts as they do help in the ong run. With the advent of the internet and social networking sites, things have been much easier.
One such "community" in orkut is a motorcycling club through which we did a drive to hoggenekal falls about 150km from bangalore.
Since this was my first drive with the group and a short one-day drive, there wont be a descriptive write up as my previous trip.
It was pretty good ride and luckily enough we did not have any accidents or rains.
There are however three different routes from Bangalore to Hoggenekal. The much ravaged and pothole ridden (from krishnagiri onwards) NH7, a route via rayalkottai from hosur (via denkanikottai. not safe for night time trip. So luckily we did not take the route when we came back.) and another route that starts off from Anekal and kind of follows the cauvery's trail itself (according to the locals there)!
So the next off-roading trip would be to get to hoggenekal via rayalkottai and return via
anekal !
As such the falls was amazing. There is a newly constructed bathing ghat where they have made the water flow down with great force. That was the best part of the whole drive. Made me feel completely refreshed after having slept for just a few hours the previous day.
The locals there speak a mix of kannada and tamil (the place is in the border ;-))
However, i think i need to put up a general post about highway driving in general !!.
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