17 November 2006

Casino Royale - Review

The latest in the installment of Bond movies tries to usher in a lot of changes, possibly to gather the next generation of audiences.
Daniel Craig as the new Bond actually manages to pull of being Bond, though he needs little bit more practice in delivering his dialogs the way we are accustomed to seeing James Bond do ! In short, he needs to let his facial features; the eyebrows, the eyes, the pause in speech give all the effect that is needed.
The story is pretty simple. A poker game is being used as a front to fund international terrorism. How and what bond does to avert it forms the rest of the movie.
The new Bond girl, Eva Green does manage to get a few chances to act ! She however needs to have a look at those scenes where she comes out with a red lipstick. Looks gawdy.
There is no 'Q' to demonstrate the new gadgets and stuff.
'M' appears sterner with this new Bond. Suitably so as bond has just got his '00' status.
The stunts are of real high quality. In fact, the opening chase scene is simply magnificent. It is worth watching the movie again just for that sequence.
And finally if you are a fan of James Bond, you might be a tad disappointed with this one as it pales in comparison with the thrills in the previous movie, Die Another Day.
However leaving comparisons aside, this movie as a whole is indeed worth a watch.
While a lot of people may feel that this movie has a more humane bond (in a sense that he can get hurt and stuff), i for one feel that it means watering down the powers of the Super Spy James Bond.
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