27 November 2006

Free Left is not always right

You moronic KA-01-P-xxxx driver (who almost provoked me into breaking your windsheild with my helmet), in a T junction intersection, when you are in the tail of the T, there cannot be a free left. Use your common sense when you drive. How can there be a free left ? Won't you bang yourself into the traffic that is moving from left to right when you turn left ? Won't you cause a blockade ? Think before you drive. Just becuase there is no board that says "No free left turn" does not mean that there will be free left turn.
And to all other morons out there, stop honking at me when i am stopping at a signal. I refuse to budge before the signal turns green. You may be a hot-shot programmer or a CEO. I couldn't care the less. On the road we are all equals.

Posted by Shyam Krishnaswamy at 3:47 PM


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