04 December 2006


Since this is a milestone post, let me post about getting back to winning ways. As i said, we did win the team event in chess. It felt good to be on the winning side. However, my personal performance left a lot to be desired. I was totally out of match practice and forgot quite a lot of nifty tricks which i had used to score some real thumping victories. So now that i have some free time, it is time to get back to some serious playing. As i found out, somehow practicing games on a computer does not seem to do any good as you anyway play with real coins. So time to get that set of coins from the attic ;-).
PS: This is a milestone post as mentioned in the start of the post. Yes it is my 500th post (Hence the title). Thanks go out to all those who tolerated this crap all the while. And yes, please continue tolerating ;-)

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